Title of the project:

Multi-layer aggregator solutions to facilitate optimum demand response and grid flexibility (SMART-MLA)

Project duration

From 01.11.2018 to 31.10.2021

Project acronym



Aggregator, big data, block-chain, cloud computing, community, demand response, IoT, optimization.

Project summary

Main scope of SMART-MLA is to develop cloud-based multi-layer aggregator ICT solutions to facilitate optimum demand response (DR) and grid flexibility to energy systems to utilize up to 100% renewable energy. It is aimed to increase the awareness/involvement of consumers/communities on DR aggregating mechanisms in countries even where relevant legislation is still in process. SMART-MLA will demonstrate that at least one layer is applicable to any country regardless of the market structure. Integration of high volumes of intermittent generation and IoT appliances necessitates implementation of ICT based new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and block-chain to add value to DR and improve the grid flexibility (Energy Package 2015). According to the EC proposal for directive on common rules for the IEM, the community aggregators play an important role regarding DR. Therefore, the ICT solutions developed in SMART-MLA will allow customers to take advantages of aggregation.